Hi. Welcome to Studio Misto.

That’s me, Christy (over there to the left). I have many roles here at Studio Misto: art director, designer, production artist, receptionist, and janitor. The other fellas in the photo are my assistants, and though they occasionally offer suggestions about fonts and colors, they mostly just notify me when the mail arrives.

A brief history

I started Studio Misto in 2009 after eight years as a Managing Art Director at Leopard Communications in Boulder, Colorado. That was a sweet gig— I’m thankful for the awesome experience and the amazing people I worked with along the way. While at Leopard, I learned how to put on my grown-up marketing pants, and I had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most creative thinkers and designers in the industry.

I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1991. From there, my design journey meandered through hard and meaningful work in publishing (Buzzworm Magazine), several good years at a small design studio, and a fun ride as part of the in-house creative team at Schwinn Cycling and Fitness. Before joining the talented folks at Leopard, I founded and ran a creative studio called On Fire Design.


These days, I use my twenty-plus years of experience to help clients grow their businesses and produce high-quality, effective marketing materials. I’ve honed my skills in many areas and offer a broad selection of services, including web site and marketing consulting for small businesses, art direction, conceptual design, and error-free print production. Oh, and I have some wicked Photoshop skills, so when you need to remove your ex-mother-in-law from that great photo of you on vacation last year, give me a call.